Product Description

Surgical Instrument Power Tools Orthopedic Instruments

A surgical power tool is a device used to perform surgery on bones or bone fragments. During surgery to fix fractured bones after trauma, implants such as nails, plates, screws, and wires are used. These tools are helpful for sawing, drilling, tightening, and reaming, such as the use of appropriate implants The drill bit uses an orthopedic drill bit to drill a cylindrical tunnel into the hole made by the bone. Human or veterinary orthopedic surgery, neurology, otolaryngology surgery and traumatology are the main application areas of these tools.

Basic Info.

Model NO.AMS 1001.000.001
PackageCarton Package
Low Frequency10000 Times/Min
High Frequency12000 Times/Min
Battery Capacity1800 mAh / Li
WarrantyOne Year
After-Sale ServiceOnline Technical Support